A school that began as a way to educate La Senda’s children with excellence, has blossomed into a key program of the ministry.  Since the school’s doors opened to the public in 2004, attendance has exploded from 26 to more than 100 students.

Student Hightlights

• Keily, is 1st grader, and her mom, Verónica, supports five kids on her own.  Because of a scholarship to attend La Senda after struggling in public school, Keily progressed to one of the top students in her class in just one year!

• Pamela, a precious 12 year-old with a single father, came to La Senda with a severe stuttering problem and has made huge strides in communicating and gaining self-confidence.

• Geovany,  the first child to come to La Senda to live, is 16.  He’s now in his first year of restaurant and hotel management school.  He speaks fluent English and is advancing in his practicum at Casa de la Colina.

All of these children understand that studying and working hard is important, but they also know that Christ has a plan for each of them in their careers and personal lives.  Through Christ and their education at La Senda, they are ready to influence the lives of fellow Guatemalans and even those in other parts of the world.

That’s why La Senda is expanding its vision to provide middle and high school education to children in the region. They need to move quickly to provide for existing students as they progress into higher grades.  New facilities like classrooms and a media room are desperately needed, in addition to operating expenses to get the school on its feet before becoming self-sufficient through tuition. 

Steve and Pamela have developed strong Guatemalan school leaders, who accomplish the goals of La Senda and take ownership of God’s work there.

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TWOP raises financial support from the United States for La Senda as well as offers spiritual direction for this Guatemalan mission. La Senda, however, is governed by a Guatemalan board of directors and, though financially supported by TWOP, is a separate non-profit organization recognized by the government of Guatemala.

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